9 Best Things to Do on a Small Budget in Birmingham

Do you have a shoestring budget to try out different things in Birmingham? You can manage with less money and without compromising your overall experience. You are in the UK’s second-largest city, and it has a lot to offer you.

No worries if you cannot extend your budget. This is indeed a famous destination for international tourists and students. You can do various things in this place without spending a fortune.

You can attend art tours and even take a tour of the museum at a low cost. Plenty of experiences you can have free of cost. Thus, having an elaborate budget is not always necessary.

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Explore Birmingham on a budget

There are some must-try activities that you should not miss at any cost. The best part is that you can do them on a low budget or without overdoing your budget. One of the most exclusiveness about this city is that you can explore it by walking.

Take the sidewalks to stroll around the city without spending a penny from your pocket. Having a limited budget does not mean you cannot try out something exciting in this city. All you need is to know what can be done for free or at a discounted price.

Here is a list of activities or experiences you can have in Birmingham without burning a hole in your pocket.

1.    Visit to a library

You can pay a visit to the city’s public library for spectacular beauty. Explore it to see how it houses 30,000 books in it. This is indeed a perfect place for someone who loves books and be around books all the time.

Do you know it has that secret garden terrace on the 7th floor? This could be your perfect reading spot in the summer. One of the iconic aspects about this library is that it provides a panoramic view of the city.

Do not forget to see the Shakespeare Gallery on the 9th floor. It takes you over the city skyline. All these you can experience for free. Isn’t it great?

2.    Explore the Ikon gallery

This is situated very near to Birmingham’s waterfront. The area is Brindley’s place, where this world-famous gallery is located. You will be surprised to know that it is an award-winning art gallery.

Here, you will see exhibitions by modern artists. These exhibitions cover concepts like paintings, film sculpture, photography, etc. Two floors have been reserved for this purpose.

This gallery is ideal for exploring art bookshop. You can visit its Yorks café to gorge on some scrumptious meals served from different places all over the world.

3.    Walk by the side of the canal

Here, you will get to see more miles of the canal than in Venice. One of the most amazing walks you can have along the canals. The cool breeze can make it a peaceful walk for you.

Do not think that this strolling is going to be boring. This is because you will come across different types of shops, cafés and restaurants by the side of the canal. You can take a break if you feel tired because of constant walking.

You can take rest and have your favourite coffee to feel rejuvenated. Once energised, you can get started with your strolling again. When you walk, you can take your own time to explore a place.

You can walk slowly and peacefully to enjoy every bit. The iconic Gas Street Basin allows narrow boats to sail through. This can be a spectacular view in which to take pleasure in.

4.    Learn jewellery making

A museum is a place where you can have an encounter with history or the past. Besides, you can acquire the skill of jewellery making by visiting the Museum of Jewellery Quarter. There, you will get to see the preservation of Victorian workshops.

The local industry has created jewellery and other metal-related items. Wondering how you can learn to make jewellery? Take a guided tour.

They will demonstrate the whole process to you. Thus, you will be able to learn how authentic jewellery has been created in local factories. Here, you get an opportunity to go through the history of this place.

You will be amazed at how people have used natural resources to make jewels. They have been displayed in the art gallery, and you will love it. You can sign up for a proper course to enjoy jewellery making completely.

The best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of money. Besides, the entry fee is quite minimal. If you feel that you cannot afford the course fees, you can try taking out doorstep loans in Birmingham in the UK.

For small cash crunches, these loans can be your best companion. Above all, you can apply for these loans even when you do not have a checking account.

5.    Visit the Birmingham Cathedral

This is the third smallest Cathedral in the UK. This place is Grade 1 listed by English Heritage. Thus, this building is a valuable and timeless heritage spot. When in Birmingham, you should not miss out on visiting this place at any cost.

This is one of the oldest buildings in Birmingham, built in 1705. It still serves the same purpose today. You can take a tour of it for free.

This Cathedral has beautiful gardens surrounding it. If you want to take pleasure in greenery in an open space, this could be your go-to place. As this place regularly hosts exhibitions and events.

The bottom line

Birmingham lets you explore different things without needing to spend a lot of money. Find out which activity and place is ideal for you to visit and attend. Strolling around the city is indeed a great idea for eye-witnessing many things.