4 Easy Ways to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Followers

It’s hard to start a Facebook business runner from scratch. So difficult. Building a business runner can be difficult. But it is a crucial part of the follower structure. You’ll produce great content that your ideal customer will love. And you want your ideal client – ​​many of your ideal guests – to see them. This means you will get more followers on Facebook.

I started my ‘How to start a subscription box’ run at the beginning of 2024. I knew who my ideal client was. What I didn’t know was how to get her to like my runner. I mainly photographed my bus for six months and didn’t get many followers. At the end of those six months, I took a step back and took a good look at what I had done. And what I didn’t do. I also created an action plan to reach 1000 followers before time expires.

Reaching 1000 followers is possible. For now, I’ll show you 4 ways that will help you reach and surpass the 1000-follower milestone.

4 Easy Ways to Get Your First 1000 Facebook Followers

1. Post Regularly

Consistency is key. Still, you have to post constantly if you want to gain followers. I realized I hadn’t been regularly posting “Start a Subscription Box” on my Facebook Business channel. Of course, I published one or two posts every week, but I was not harmonious. I had no plan.

I did the bare minimum. And I realized that the bare minimum wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go. I had to improve. So I did it. I now post daily – constantly and with intention. I highly recommend creating a content plan. This will save you SO MUCH TIME and so much brain power. A content plan works for you and your followers. It takes the guesswork out of creating posts and lets your followers know what to expect.

Keep your content plan simple. On Mondays you can introduce new products, on Tuesdays you can go LIVE to share information or talk about things that your followers find valuable or interesting, etc. Schedule your messages in batches in Meta’s Business Suite. This keeps you on schedule and saves you a lot of time.

Don’t forget to come back and contribute. Build an exchange with your followers and participate in the comments. Not only will you build a bond with the people who respond to your messages, but your involvement also ensures that your message comes to the attention of more people.

2. Give Content that Encourages People to Follow

Advertisements constantly don’t mean posting memes and quotes all day. That isn’t going to help you attract and connect with the right audience. Flash back the thing of your posts is to gain Facebook post likes, and followers on your runner and to connect and engage with the followers you formerly have.

To increase engagement, I created a variety of post types along with eye-catching plates that would “ stop the scroll. ” I started

  • Asking questions to engage followers and make community.
  • Posting blog posts to support my brand communication and give value.
  • Posting quick tips to produce brand trust and keep an open dialog where all are welcome to share.

Reach NEW implicit followers by creating content that encourages shares. Flashback, if someone is an ideal client, chances are they’ve musketeers or family members who would be, too!

vids and images work great. Ask questions, produce pates, and let your audience know you want to hear from them!

3. Create Video Content

You know, it took me a while to get comfortable with live broadcasts. I’ve talked about it a lot and written about it in this blog post. I had all the fears, doubts, and insecurities that you might feel too. All. But I got over it. Because I understood how important that is. Facebook prefers live content. This means more people see your content and hear your communications.

I started broadcasting live on my Facebook Business channel a week ago. The first week I was completely enthusiastic. And that was okay, I expected that too. After three weeks, eight people joined me live and the following week my follower count increased to 32. I quadrupled my follower count in just one week!

When it was time to launch, I created a special Facebook Live as an “event” in the events section of my business channel. This meant that a reminder was sent to my followers an hour before my live performance. There were 290 people live at this event – I was blown away!

The 290 people who were there live gave my runner a lot of speed! So much so that I recently reached 1,800 followers per week.

4. Run Facebook Page like ads.

Running Page Like ads on Facebook is an effective way to introduce yourself and your work to new followers. Page-like ads are simple ads that link to your Facebook business link and include a CTA to like your link. The purpose of these ads is simply to gain followers. A page like this can attract hundreds of new followers within days or weeks, depending on your budget.

New and established subscription box owners should consider running page-like ads. However, if you’re just starting, they’re a great way to quickly get your brand in front of implied guests. And established companies should use them to further grow their following and reach new people.

I ran page-like ads this month on a budget of just $10 per day and have already gained over 600 new followers! Some of the ladies in my Elevate Mastermind have focused on running these types of ads and have gained thousands of followers in a short time!

I titled this post, “4 Easy Ways to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Followers.” Not “4 EASY Ways,” but 4 Easy Ways. Nothing I’ve recommended is complicated or delicate. By following these 4 ways, I reached 1000 followers on my business Facebook channel. By continuing to follow them, I reached and gained 10,000 followers in less than two days.

Be harmonious, create relevant, engaging content, learn about videos, and make page-like ads work for you.